too many words by laura lemay

a thousand papercuts, dipped in lemon juice

This is what I wish for trackback spammers.

For the first fifteen months of this blog’s existence I got no trackback spam at all. Then over the last month or so its been steadily increasing. At first it was just two or three a day. I can de-spam those by hand. For the last couple of weeks its been a regular 17 spams overnight which I deal with first thing in the morning. Tedious, annoying, but workable.

Then this afternoon they got me with about 350 all at once. Cleaning all that up took a lot of time and a lot of bad words.

Trackbacks should be moderated here by MT-blacklist like comment spam is. I’m pretty good at tuning my blacklist filter and it works great for comments. But for reasons I don’t understand MT-Blackist is falling completely on the floor with trackback. This really stinks.

Trackback isn’t all that popular on this site so I’m just going to turn it off.