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cat blogging

Friday is cat blogging day. It is! Really!

This is Elsa, my old cat. She is 14. She’s the same cat I posted about with health problems earlier, although she’s doing OK now.

She looks sort of sad in this picture, although what that expression really says is “You have not given me any cheese yet today, and I hate you. Now I will be forced to puke in your shoes.”

Update (April 2005): Since I posted this picture last year Elsa has become wildly popular on the Intarnets. Her photo is now #2 on Google Image Search, and that grey cat in #1 is going down any day now, I just know it. This photo now accounts for more than half of the hits on this web site — mostly, as far as I can tell in my logs, from adoring fans on web forums.

But I am very sad to have to post that Elsa died earlier this month from stomach cancer. She was the best cat and she lived a very long and rich life.

I have a couple more photos of Elsa on flickr here and here. I have an open comments post about her further up in the blog as well.

Thanks to everyone who has linked to her; I really had no idea that anyone would find her as pretty as I did.