too many words by laura lemay

confessions of a car salesman

I am kind of halfheartedly shopping for a new car. I say halfheartedly because there are few activities on this earth I hate more than buying a car. The very thought of having to set foot in the vicinity of a car dealership makes me cry piteously, break out in a rash, get a migraine, see bats, hear voices, and have to go lie down for a while. In fact I can feel a headache coming on just writing about it here. What? Did you see that?

Why can’t you buy a car on yet? That’s what I really want., which is a very excellent site and very helpful in giving me lots of information about cars so that I won’t cry so much when I do have to travel within some distance of a car dealership, sent one of their reporters out to be a car salesman for a while{.broken_link}. He worked at a traditional high-pressure sales lot and a no-haggle lot. And after reading this if I had any hope that that car dealerships were not the most miserable places on earth I’m well disabused of that notion. Its good, albeit horrifying, reading.