too many words by laura lemay

coyote update

It’s been raining a lot since I wrote about the coyotes that were menacing us. Since the rain started: not a coyote to be seen.

If I had known they were water soluble I would have turned the hose on them.

To ward off the coyotes Eric has invested in a paintball gun. But not any paint ball gun, oh no. This is the Splatmatic ThunderSplat paintball shotgun. After I typed that I stared at the screen for a while and realized that there’s really nothing more I can say that would make that any more funny than it already is. Should we see any more coyotes, and we get a chance to use the Splatmatic ThunderSplat paintball shotgun (see? just plain funny), I will check back.

Update: I apologize for the random misplaced squid I put in this post (now removed).