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extreme knitting

Since I posted the knit intestinal tract a while back I got sent a bunch of strange crafty knitty things. Let the record show that I am not a crafty person. I do not knit. But still these are funny so I pass them on.

Fetus Popple. A popple is apparently a kind of plushie with a pouch so that you can tuck it into itself. The fetus popple is, uhhhh, well its unique.

Knit Motorcycle, by Theresa Honeywell. It took me a while to find a good picture of this, and to find out that its knitting around a motorcycle and not OF a motorcycle. Its a Motorcycle Cozy. Eric, with his incredibly voluminous and immediately retrievable knowledge of all things motorcycle-related, was able to identify it as an early 80’s Kawasaki (he also knew the actual model number but I can’t remember it now).

The Tree Sweater{.broken_link} (and the Tree Sweater Pattern{.broken_link}). Erika Barcott thought the city tree outside her apartment building looked a little sad and cold last december. So she knitted it a sweater. (it only makes logical sense, really.)

My mother sent me this one: The Uterus Project{.broken_link}. In solidarity for women who have had hysterectories, it is suggested you knit a uterus for them. The pattern they suggest has, quote, “plenty of room to hold a pound or so of assorted of Hershey’s kisses” unquote.