too many words by laura lemay

free! free! freeee!

The tech writing contract I’ve been working on since January ended last Friday. On the one hand Boo! no more regular income. On the other hand Yay! no more horrible commute! Yay! no more tedious meetings! Yay! No more writing to other people’s guidelines that don’t make any sense! Yay! No more revising the same twenty pages every week for two months! On the whole I am glad to be gone from that one.

I’m spending this short week in administrative foo, updating the resume on my work site, cleaning out my office (where did all this crap come from? who put all this stuff in here?) and getting caught up with chores I’ve been meaning to do around the house and with my computers (I’ve had a big hard drive sitting in a box for FOUR MONTHS waiting to be installed for music and backups. bah!)

Next week I get to have my bi-annual discussion with myself about what I’m going to be when I grow up. Joy.