too many words by laura lemay

friday cat stories

For friday cat blogging I have stories.

Fierce Cat has a new trick. She has figured out that we won’t let her bring live mice in the house. So she hides them. In her mouth. She tucks them up somewhere and then stands by the door like she wants to be let in. Then once she gets in she gives them to George. I think she thinks George needs to be taught how to hunt, or maybe he’s not being fed well enough or something. George is insanely grateful (he agrees with the not being fed well enough assessment) and incredibly disappointed when we retrieve the mouse from the corner and scold the heck out of Fierce Cat.

But we’ve begun to get smart about Fierce Cat’s ploy because she can’t hide the whole mouse in her mouth. If you’re paying attention you can usually spot tiny mousie feet or a tail sticking out the sides. And the innocent look gives it away every time.

In the meantime we have discovered that George is actually a dog. He fetches. Repeatedly, and eagerly, and will not stop. He has one particular toy, a bunch of green feathers bound together at the end, that he particularly likes to fetch. The feather toy must be put in a secure location at the end of the day or he will demand it be thrown for fetching at 3AM. Note: closed drawers are not a secure location.

If we are both in the room he will kindly alternate bringing the toy to Eric and to me. And if you don’t feel like playing fetch he will repeatedly tuck it behind you on the couch and then pull it out again to get your attention. Meanwhile, Fierce Cat looks on disgustedly and thinks “Have some dignity, you tool.”

Perhaps she is feeding him mice to try to explain to him his rightful position as Cat.