too many words by laura lemay

fruitbat IPO

The wierd-ass IPO did not vanish altogether once the dotcom boom ended. Here’s a company called Apollo Publications that recently filed with the SEC to go public.

The filing starts off normally enough, standard boring SEC boilerplate. The company seems to have a fairly impressive roster of Wall Street banks underwriting its initial filing. And astonishingly enough its board of directors seems to include such luminaries as George Bush Sr, Alan Greenspan and the treasurers of the US, Canada, and the PRC.

And then we get to the business plan.

Our mission is to found An Imperial Of Earth (IOE) with One God Luo, One
Language, One Culture, One History, One Law, One Standard, One Currency,
One Postal, etc on One Land of Earth of Solo Solar System.
Apollo Publication Corporation is here to Unify World Language, History and
Culture; to Form All Documents of Law on IOE; to Print All Specifications and
Standards on IOE; to Issue New and Only Notes of Currency and Stamp on IOE;
to Publish News about Founding of IOE; to Consolidate Globe School Textbooks;
to Web World Wide Customers Online Purchasing, Schooling, Banking,
Charting, etc.

Well. I guess creating the New Economy is just not thinking big enough these days.

About the One God Luo? The company has been founded by a family by the name of Luo, with one Xiaobo Lucy Luo as CEO. There seem to be three Luos in top positions at Apollo Publications. What a remarkable coincidence.

Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with being gradiosely nuts. But start getting grandiosely nuts with securities law, and the SEC kind of has a problem with that.
And thus the SEC has launched an investigation suggesting that Apollo has filed a false registration. Huh. I can’t imagine what would give them that impression.

(I got it from Infectious Greed{.broken_link})