too many words by laura lemay


43 Things{.broken_link} poses the question: What do you want to do with your life?

You can keep a list of your goals, or you can choose from a big list of what other people have been answering. Each page shows a continuously-updated display of every one else’s goals. Its a social goal-keeping site.

I’m finding what other people are posting to be completely fascinating. There’s a lot of predictable stuff here; 1006 people want to be happy{.broken_link}, 800 people want to get laid{.broken_link} and 467 want to stop wasting time{.broken_link}. Books seem to rank pretty high on people’s lists; 215 people want to write a novel{.broken_link}; 166 people just want to read more books.{.broken_link} There’s also plenty of romantic goals (fall in love{.broken_link} (556 people), kiss in the rain{.broken_link} (220 people), meet the right girl for me{.broken_link} (18 people), get him to notice me{.broken_link} (11 people)), and self-improvement (lose 10 pounds{.broken_link} (126 people) and exercise more{.broken_link} (341 people, learn ruby{.broken_link} (115 people)).

And then there’s the goals that are more strange, like Amass a mighty army of animals and overthrow mankind{.broken_link} (6, uh, mammals?) . And goals I really relate to like leave this site now{.broken_link} (2 people) and destroy the person who made this{.broken_link} (1 person, not me).

A great way to waste a couple of hours, whether you want to or not.

(I got it from Thinking Chaos, Thinking Fences.)