too many words by laura lemay

good commercials on youtube & google video

I have a TiVo mostly so that I can record TV and skip the commercials. If I am forced to watch live TV? I pause it and go do something else for 20 minutes so I can be behind the buffer and thus skip the commercials. There’s nothing more annoying than being caught up to live TV on the tivo and being forced to actually….watch….arggghh.

So yes there is a great irony here that I avoid commercials on TV and then seek them out on the internets.

Fedex Caveman: “But Fedex…doesn’t exist yet!” This is so anachronistic and so goofy. I like the part where the caveman kicks the small dinosaur at the end.

IBM/Linux{.broken_link}: boy is this ad manipulative. I love it madly. IBM consistently seems to do great ads ( I still make jokes about “would you like the spinning logo, or the flaming logo” from the ebusiness ads from like eight years ago.)

Un-Pimp Your Ride I, II and III. The new VW Golf ads. These ads crack me the hell up every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. “Representing Deutschland, yo.” AHAHA.