too many words by laura lemay

gymlog sunday

Today at the gym: 45 mins on the spin bike and an hour lifting weights.

Yet another creepy guy followed me around on the machines. The Creepy Guys never say anything, they just hover. Why is that?

For Xmas Eric got me a Polar 720i, which is a completely out of control heart rate monitor. It measures everything. Everything. Heart rate, calories, speed, altitude, temperature. You can program the darn thing in a zillion ways. It’ll “fit test” you and tell you what your max heart rate or V02Max is. You can download all the data over infrared to a computer and make spiffy graphs. You can contact the mars rover with it. Wearing this thing, I am the studliest geek around (maybe that’s why the Creepy Guys are hovering by… “hey baby…is that a polar 720i?”).

Maybe I’ll post my spiffy graphs. Won’t that be fun.