too many words by laura lemay

hacked, again!

(I am getting a lot of hits on this post from google. If you came here because you think your wordpress install has been hacked as well, make sure you also read Hacked! and Hacked, the Followup)

It turns out that everything I did yesterday made no difference at all, and my hacker came back in overnight and rewrote my files all over again.

So today I blew away all the files on my web host including the WordPress install and the database and started all over again. While I was doing that I took the opportunity to update the theme software (I use thesis), and since I was there scrabbling around with CSS and PHP I made some design changes I had been wanting to do anyhow.

I have another technical post I want to make because I figured out how the hacker got in and exactly what he or she was doing, and there’s still a bunch of stuff missing from the site, but right now I am tired and hungry and I’d like to be done for today.

I apologize if you were desperate to read my long-winded pointless ramblings while I had the site offline.