too many words by laura lemay

i have no internet and i must scream

Our fabulous broadband wireless Internet net connection has been down for two days. Actually technically it hasn’t been fully down; we get a packet or two once in a while but a packet or two does not a broadband connection make.

Eric, bless his heart, has been the man to call up our ISP and scream at them on a regular basis. I pass the time by basically sitting around and wringing my hands.

One would think that life without an Internet connection could go on pretty much normally. The world had thousands of years without the Internet and we all managed to survive just fine. Event today there is plenty of life out there that does not involve an Internet connection. And yet I seem to be having a difficult time finding it.

Both Eric and I get like this sometimes when the power goes out. Even when the power goes out in the middle of the day, there’s a sort of bizarre mental paralysis that sets in. Power is out. Can’t do anything. Must sit around and fret worriedly. Must go to bed at 6PM.

My goal for this week had been to start looking for a new job. No internet connection, can’t do that. I’ve been working on a new design and structure for this blog and its about 95% done. The development site is on my web host. Can’t work on it. I was going to design and order some new business cards. I did the design; can’t order them. Our coffeemaker is slowly dying so I was going to research and order a new coffeemaker. Nope.

Yesterday I watched TV for a while, and I did some laundry, and I organized the books in the living room, and I weeded the garden, and I read a book, and I checked to see if the Internet connection was back up 34,287 times.

Today I brought my computer into town and I’m sitting in the local cafe using their wireless Internet connection.

I feel so much better.