too many words by laura lemay

I’m back

Back from my two-week road trip with my mom. Got a lot of stuff to write and photos to upload, but I’ll summarize: audiobooks from are the bomb for long trips. I had no idea there were so many quilt shops in the pacific northwest. I didn’t know sewing machines were computerized now, and I want to hack them. I ate a lot of seafood. I drank a lot of Black Butte Porter, which I can’t get on draft in California but starts being available somewhere around Eugene (its still excellent in bottles). I bought a cool hat. Mt St Helens: whoa. I have 387 email messages to catch up on, which would be a lot higher if I had not occasionally logged in along the way (note: every single wireless access point at which I stole internet access on this trip was called “linksys.”) I crossed Puget sound on a ferry. I learned how to fish for crabs (put a raw chicken in a basket; dunk over the side of a dock for 10 mins.) The new Seattle Public Library: whoa. Best bagels on the west coast: Los Bagels, Arcata, CA. Boringest highway: 5 through southern Washington. Best highway: 101 through the Redwood Empire. Worst Traffic: anything in the bay area, of course.

More soon.