too many words by laura lemay

livejournal stuff

Hey livejournal readers, I know you’re out there. I read my logs.

I’d like to thank whoever it was spent some of their whuffie to set up livejournal feeds for this blog (I think it was sexbat (hi!)). You can find the feeds here (rss 1.0) and here (atom).

I’m paying closer attention to livejournal now because, well, I’m really late to just about everything. I do have an actual livejournal account that I don’t actually use for blogging, but if you feel compelled to friend me, here I am{.broken_link}. Adding me as a friend means that I can continue to lazily read all your journals in my news reader and not have to, you know, actually visit the site. I know this is anathema to the livejournal way of doing things. I’m sorry. Well, OK, not very sorry.