too many words by laura lemay

mmmm, fishy

Vitamins I take every day:

  • Iron, for anemia and general all around feel-goodedness.
  • Vitamin E, for girly things
  • Calcium, because bad bones run in my family
  • Vitamin B, for joint stuff (my hands hurt less when I take it)
  • Fish oil, to keep me from going nuts

Yes, I have one of those monday-to-sunday pill cases for OLD PEOPLE to keep my vitamins straight. And yes, its a big fistful of pills to take everyday. And yet, if I don’t take them, I feel like shit. Folks have sneered at me about the placebo effect. So be it. I’d rather not feel like shit.

This morning I was on my home office commute (up one flight of stairs) and trying to balance my computer, my work stuff, a pot of tea, a cup for the tea, and the big fistful of vitamins I hadn’t yet taken. So I put the vitamins into my cup for easier portability.

I sat down and read my mail and my important blogs and putzed around the web for a while and then absentmindedly poured myself a glass of tea. The vitamin B bobbed immediately to the surface, like a note in a bottle.

Oh! Crap! Vitamins!

I managed to dig out the calcium and the vitamin B and E before there was further damage. I couldn’t find the iron pill (was it in there?). The remaining gelcap apparently ruptured before I could find it as a slick of fishy-smelling oil washed over the surface of my tea.

And yet it is a testament to my stubbornness that I drank half the cup before I decided that it wasn’t worth it. The iron pill was definitely in there as my tea tasted distinctly metallic. Both the metal undertone and the classic earl grey bergamot, however, were overpowered by the strong flavor and aroma of fish. And I discovered when I poured out the tea in the bathroom that the black coating on the iron pill had leaked off and dyed both the tea and my tongue a deep, dark, velvety grey.

Really, this is way too much adventure for first thing in the morning.