too many words by laura lemay

morning adventures

I’m stuck in town right now because a dirt truck overturned on Highway 17 and they closed all the southbound lanes. It happens. This is the disadvantage of living up in the mountains with only one road in or out; sometimes you get trapped. Fortunately I had the foresight to put my computer in the car this morning before I left for the gym cause I had intended to stop in the cafe anyhow. So now I’m just here a while longer than I had intended.

Its busy here this morning so I’m sitting at the narrow counter against the wall with my latte and my laptop. Behind me, at one of the chess tables, there is a gentleman with a laptop who is avidly viewing incredibly prodigious amounts of pr0n. This would not be a big deal because the chess tables are close to the wall, he is turned away from the main cafe floor, and my back is to him. Unfortunately in my position at the counter I am facing a large mirror on the wall. I can see every page, every click, every gesture. Ew.

Not that I have anything against pr0n. But its not even interesting pr0n. There are no goats or any kitchen implements at all. Its just girls, girls, girls, blah blah blah. Asian girls. Long hair. Yawn.