too many words by laura lemay

pink pink pink

Pantone has published its Spring 2005 Color Trends{.broken_link} (PDF). Bright, vibrant colors are in this spring:

On the Mediterranean, they surf Blue Turquoise waters reflecting the infinite, cloudless sky. Diving from stony cliffs of Slate Gray and Kelp into the Delft depths, they rise to the surface with Coral Reef treasures. On shore, sarongs are so right among the Vibrant Green foliage blooming in lush mosaics. The sun-saturated days slide effortlessly into long nights on the Via Veneto, until finally the horizon breaks with brilliant streamers of Aurora and Flame, Begonia Pink and Sweet Lavender, heralding yet another glorious, carefree day. At last, they return to their ateliers with sketchbooks filled with the shades of sand, sea and shells.

Also: pink. Lots and lots and lots of pink.

(I got it from Sparkplug{.broken_link}.)