too many words by laura lemay

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Things noted this weekend:

  • Flipping around on TV in a motel room on Saturday we caught the horror of a really decrepit Paul McCartney playing Beatles songs at Live 8. Augh.
  • Yesterday in the car we turned the radio on to KFJC, which on sunday nights plays Spliff Skankin’s Jah Music, an apparently excellent reggae show (Eric likes reggae a lot. I am subjected to reggae a lot). The first hour of Jah Music is always dedicated to a Bob Marley live show. Every week. Bob Marley. I Shot the Sheriff. No Woman Don’t Cry. Buffalo Soldier. One Love. Whether I like it or not, I know pretty much every single Bob Marley song.

It occurs to me that if you’re a musician with a bunch of Big Hits you must get awfully sick of playing the darn things after a while (although Bob Marley, being dead, probably no longer cares). I guess the advantage of getting famous for writing a book is that they don’t make you write it over and over again for the rest of your life.