too many words by laura lemay

still off the rails

Still recovering from kidney fu and flu fu, and not at all in a real chatty mood. What energy I do have seems to be channelled into work right now. I could tell you all about the enormous amounts of greenish mucous my body continues to produce on a daily basis, but that would probably be less than amusing for both of us.

I went to the gym for the first time today. Spent about twenty minutes on the spin bike before my lungs seized up and I had to stop and cough up goo for another ten minutes. Now I have kind of a sharp pain in my chest when I breathe. That was fun.

I did some research on the internets about kidney stones and found out that in order to keep from getting more of them I have to drink lots more water, which I knew, and I also have to cut down on red meat, spinach, chocolate, strawberries, nuts…and caffeine. OMFG. Perhaps being in horrible pain for a week every few years isn’t so bad after all.