too many words by laura lemay

The numerology and delusion of birthdays

So, today is my birthday.

I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for a while, which is unusual for me (I am normally birthday agnostic.) Looking forward to it because I was 47, which is a prime number, and turning 48, which is a nice even number, and much more factorable. Since the last year has been kind of a strange, awkward, complicated year for me, I figured 48 had to be better. It’s FACTORABLE.

It was only LAST NIGHT that I realized that I wasn’t 47, I already was 48, and today I turned 49.

OMG, WTF. Not only did I forget my own age, but I somehow lost the entire year of being 48.

Which means my elaborate made up numerological/psychological theory of divisibility being better is not only completely wrong, but apparently I can’t even subtract 1967 from 2016 so really I should just not be trusted with any kind of math at all.

On the other hand, 49 = 7 squared. This is clearly an awesome number, and things are sure to look up in the coming year.