too many words by laura lemay

the root canal and the overactive imagination

It is apparently root canal season. I had one a few weeks back, and two co-workers have either had one or are just about to have one. This coincidence sparked a conversation yesterday over (yes) coffee.

First Co-Worker: You’d think with medical technology the way it is that they’d be able to just grow new teeth by now. Just pull the bad tooth and put in a new one. None of this painful root canal stuff.

Second Co-Worker: Yeah but teeth have nerves and stuff. You’d have to like grow it inside your mouth and that’s a lot harder. I don’t think we have the technology to regenerate body parts yet.

Laura: Its the side effects that are a problem. You know, the part where the new tooth grows its own brain and tells you to kill your family with an axe.

(long silence)

Laura: what? you didn’t see that movie?