too many words by laura lemay

Fun with macintoshes

Welcome to the latest installment of Things Laura Has Done to Her Macintosh to Reduce The Resale Value to Nil (the previous installments being Painting it Black and Allowing Her Cats to Sleep On Top Of it).

One of the ploys I use to keep my cats from sitting on top of my macintosh (other than yelling “hey!” when they do) is to swing the head of an architect’s lamp around so that the lamp is facing down on top of the mac (the lamp is switched off, of course). This allows the cats to climb on top of the mac and look out the window, but doesn’t let them lie down. I had always thought was a pretty good idea. Unlike the lamp, I am not terribly bright.

Saturday night I was working on something on my mac (and it was important, let me tell you, I’d never do anything trivial on my macintosh, oh no), and it got dark, so I turned on the lamp, and moved it over so that it was no longer facing the top of the mac.

At this point I was distracted by something (a good song came on the radio and I had the compulsion to go into the living room and dance wildly to it. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that). Sometime later I noticed that there was a strange smell coming from my bedroom. I went in to discover that I had either not moved the lamp far enough from the edge of the mac or something had made it swing back. The lamp, turned on, with a 100-watt bulb in it, was positioned right on top of the right corner.

In short, I now own the Macintosh of Salvador Dali.

My first reaction was “ooops.” My second reaction was to swear a whole hell of a lot. My third reaction was to turn off the light and the macintosh and fan the thing madly to cool it down.

Three hours later I turned it back on. It works. It works fine. It looks mighty unusual, but it still works.

I’m going to have a serious problem if I ever do have to take this beast in for repair. Yep, its black, its full of cat hair and one corner has melted off. You don’t think I’ve voided the warranty yet, do you?