too many words by laura lemay

July Garden Overview

For comparison purposes (April, May, June):

Here’s the right side of the garden, in June and now. You’ll note the squash has been quite pleased with the hot weather we’ve had.

Right now this is the height of the growing season, and I’ve had a slight lull in the work with everything planted. But there’s only a few more weeks before everything starts needing picking and cooking and freezing and canning. And I’m starting to get reminders that I need to start seeds for the fall and winter garden soon!

Things I did this month:

  • Harvest all the garlic! Garlic post upcoming.
  • Planted more flowers in the back bed.
  • Planted sweet potatoes in the former lettuces bed.
  • Planted my dry farm tomato experiments. Tomato post upcoming.
  • Put up the new fence on the right edge of the garden.

Things I still need to do:

  • Am I ever going to get around to planting potatoes?
  • Plant dry-farm squash.
  • Harvest and dry onions.
  • Plant more green beans, carrots, beets.
  • Start planning for the fall and winter garden.
  • Buy lumber for the new beds in the top right corner.
  • Continue mowing.